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Mr.Bold Luvsanvandan 

He had served as a Minister of Foreign Affairs between August 2012 and December 2014.

Working Experience and Career

1983-1984       Instructor of the Trade Union Council of Baganuur District, UB city

1984-1989       Instructor of the Central Council of Mongolian Trade Unions

1989-1990      Deputy Chairman,Acting Chairman of the Union of Mongolian Students

1990-1992       Member of People’s Great Hural and Member of State Baga Hural ( Parliament)

1992-1993       Head of the International Students and Youth Center of Mongolians

1993-1996       President of the “Bodi International” Group

1996-2000       Member of  Parliament, Chairman, Parliamentary Committee on the Promotion of Foreign Investment

2000-2004       Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Golomt Bank of Mongolia

2004-2008       Chairman of the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of  Mongolia

2008-2012       Member of the Parliament, Minister of Defense

2012-2016       Member of Parliament

2012-2014       Minister of Foreign Affairs

2016-2020       Member of Parliament

2020-present   Security and Defense Policy Advisor to the President of Mongolia 

During his tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia’s foreign relations had reached to a new level and increased the number of countries that have established diplomatic relations. He had also skillfully implemented the Mongolia’s third neighbor policy and expanded the visa-free travel for Mongolian and foreign citizens. During this period, Mongolia became a member of the OSCE, chaired the Community of Democracies (CD) and the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) and successfully hosted the high-level meetings such as the ASEM Summit and the CD and (FOC) Ministerial Conference.

Education background and languages

1969-1979       Secondary school #23, Ulaanbaatar

1979-1983       Trade Union University of Bernau in Germany (former GDR)

Political Science and Sociology

Speaks English, German, Russian 

Honorary degree

2012    Honorary Doctor of the University of Defense of Mongolia

Awards and Honours

2004    Certificate of Honor of Mongolbank

2005    Polar Star Order by President of Mongolia

2005    The Оrder of Merit by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany

2009    The Оrder of Merit for Labor by the President of Mongolia

2009    ISAF medal from the NATO

2010    MINURCAT medal from the UN

2011    UNMIL medal from the UN

2011    The Order of Merit by the President of Ukraine

2011    The Order of Red Banner for Military Merit by the President of Mongolia

2013    UNMISS medal from the UN

2014    Democratic Party’s highest award ‘’Order of Chinggis’’

2015    Komandor Merit Cross by President of Poland

Notable Functions

1990-1991     Secretary General UMS

1999-2000    Member of Executive Committee of the Inter- Parliamentary Union (IPU) and Chairman of Asia-Pacific Group of IPU

2000-2005.     President, Mongolian Banker’s Association

2005-present  President Mongolian Athletics Federation

Between 1996-2000 Served as President and Vice President of Parliamentary Associations with EU,Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan