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2013оны 12сарын 07

6 December 2013, Kyiv, Ukraine


Mr. Chairman,

Last night the world was deeply saddened by the passing away of Nelson Mandela. He was ‘the Facebook’ of freedom and human dignity throughout of his life. We pay the tribute to his legacy for what the OSCE’s values stand for.

Mr. Chairman,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to begin by expressing our sincere appreciation to the Government of Ukraine for the hospitality and important preparations for this Ministerial Council.

Mongolia wishes to commend the Secretary General of the OSCE, and his team for their continued work towards creating a security community for the benefit of all.

This Ministerial Council should make every effort to live up the expectations of all peoples in the Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian area. Important and encouraging decisions, including on the Helsinki+40 process, are expected to be adopted here in Kiyv. The recent developments in this historic city remind us of the commitments that this organisation has made.

Every decision we take and every issue we discuss at this Ministerial Council are important to our future work. Our future work is certainly what to deliver in 2015, when we mark the 40th anniversary of the world’s largest security organisation. In this context, I join my colleagues in congratulating the Ukrainian Chairmanship for its substantial role to begin the Helsinki+40 process. At the same time, Mongolia welcomes the roadmap on this process presented yesterday by the present and incoming Chairmanships.

Mr. Chairman,

Comprehensive approach to security is the nucleus of this organisation. Many of us speak about the right balance of three dimensions as we implement the commitments. There has to be political will of all the participating States if we are to make a real progress.

Mongolia fully supports the OSCE’s efforts to address transnational threats. Being a party to all international treaties and conventions on anti-terrorism, Mongolia denounces terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

We also welcome the update of the OSCE principles governing non-proliferation as we consistently support the efforts of international community toward the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Border protection and police reform should be given a priority in the OSCE work. Mongolia considers that there is much to share among the participating States in these areas.

Mongolia experiences high economic growth since the 2008/2009 world economic crisis. The on-going economic slowdown requires us to be ever more vigilant of the issues related to environment and economic security as we experience commodity price fluctuations coupled with much needed infrastructure in the country. There are many landlocked participating States in the OSCE area. Therefore, we believe that the OSCE should and can do more to facilitate transit traffic and corridors to complement other international initiatives and mechanisms.

Mongolia chaired the Community of Democracies since July 2011 and hosted the 7th Ministerial Conference last April. Among many aspects we could focus on education for democracy, on which UN General Assembly adopted the long-sighted resolution. As a young democracy, we look forward to learning from others and stand ready to share our experiences with new and emerging democracies.

On 26th June Mongolia held its 8th presidential elections. At the invitation of the Government, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights /ODIHR/ dispatched its first ever Election Observation Mission of over 200 observers from 33 participating States to monitor elections. Mongolia values the work done by the Election Observation Mission and we will make every effort to implement the ODHIRs recommendations with support and assistance from our partners and OSCE institutions.

OSCE group photo

Mr. Chairman,

Just over a year ago, Mongolia was an Asian partner for cooperation of the OSCE. Today, we are a full participating State.

Though our experience is short within the organisation, we believe that engagement with the partners for cooperation from both Asian and the Mediterranean regions are important in ensuring security and stability in the OSCE region and beyond.

The engagement has to be constructive and on continued basis. In this context there is a growing need for the OSCE to engage more with Afghanistan, because the post-2014 security environment of Afghanistan is likely to shape the security of the OSCE area.

As a North East Asian country, we also want to see increasing engagement of the OSCE with all the countries in the region, particularly Asian partners for co-operation.

Mr. Chairman,

In conclusion, I would like to say that last May Mongolia expressed its keen interest to host an OSCE presence in Ulaanbaatar. We believe that all of us can come to a consensus on this issue. The full implementation of OSCE commitments and further strengthening of the democratic institutions in the country require an innovative and mobile presence of the OSCE on the ground. We believe that our request will be given due consideration soon as such a presence in Ulaanbaatar can serve as a new model in future.

I would also like to thank once again our host – Ukraine for its successful organisation of this meeting, and look forward to working closely with Switzerland and Serbia as they have already come up with joint work plan for the next important two years in the history of the OSCE.

Thank you.