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FM holds meeting in Paris

2013/ 11/ 08

GaroThe Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia L.Bold held a meeting with the Minister Delegate for Agriculture and Food Industry of France, Guillaume Garot November 7.

The meeting ran in Paris in a scope of the FM’s working visit to France. Being sent to Mongoia as the French President’s personal envoy, he attended Mr Elbegdorj’s inauguration ceremony this year, he recalled and expressed a willingness of France to develop the bilateral relations, in food, agriculture and animal husbandry spheres in particular. Then, the sides shared views on the cooperation.

The same day, L.Bold met with the French leader’s diplomatic adviser Paul Jean-Ortiz. The sides stressed that a recent official visit of Foreign Minister of France Mr Laurent Fabius to Mongolia was an important step towards broadening and developing of the bilateral ties and cooperation. They also focused on a preparation for an upcoming in early 2014 visit of the President of Mongolia  Ts.Elbegdorj to France by invitation of Mr Francois Hollande, noting that this action will be an evidence of Mongolia’s aspiration to bring relations and cooperation with France–an influential country in Europe–to a level of comprehensive partnership. After this the dignitaries touched upon some regional and international issues of mutual interest.

Present at the meeting were the French President’s adviser on strategy and Asia-Pacific countries relation issues K. Leshervi and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Mongolia Mr Y.Delaunay.