Member of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia


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2013/ 4/ 29

IMG_0039President Elbegdorj Tsakhia,
Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra
High Representative Baroness Ashton
Your Excellencies
and Distinguished Guests! 

In my official capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, it is my great honor formally to open the auspicious proceedings of the 7th Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies in our treasured Government House at the heart of our nation’s capital here in Ulaanbaatar.  Upon behalf of our Government and all our citizens I wish you a fruitful, productive and enjoyable stay in our historic homeland of Mongolia, in which the roots of democracy are now so firmly implanted in our constitution and culture. We are all both humbled and deeply gratified by your acceptance of our invitation resulting in the presence here today of so many global luminaries and though leaders united by the single principle of dedication to the cause of democracy and individual freedom. We are indeed honored to have this opportunity to present to our fellow citizens and supporters of democracy both here in the Government House and across the globe a short synopsis of our accomplishments over the past two decades which constitute the underlying rationale for our gathering here today.

I am happy to address you in his hall – the place can eventually be said the birthplace of Democracy on Mongolian soil. This hall has witnessed all historic turning points of Mongolia in the late half of 20th century. Being built by Japanese prisoners of war after the World War II, it has initially housed People’s Great Khural, the symbolic legislative body of Socialist Mongolia until April 1990 when first-ever democratically elected representative of the people have summoned here to abolish constitutional clause that promulgated Communist party shall lead the government and people. Later, in January 1992, I have personally witnessed here the current Mongolian democratic constitution was being adopted. Today is another historic moment that the representatives of all democracies over the world have summoned in here.

This hall therefore knows what democracy is. The word “democracy” was and is still used to describe the most tyrant regimes of the world to conceal their true nature and portray themselves as benevolent supreme leaders. Gratitude of people for this benevolence will eventually continue short because the democracy is not something that generous someone gives to all, but it is attributed in everyone’s nature that strives for the freedom as the short history of Mongolian democracy shows.

Mr. President,

Honorable Prime Minister,

Distinguished delegates,

This is a fortunate occasion for the people and the Government of Mongolia to host this largest ever international gathering in the history of Mongolia since the Great Mongol Empire of Chinggis Khaan.

Over 100 countries are present here representing government, civil society, youth, women, parliament and business. Almost 1,300 participants have registered.

The Ministerial is not only the largest, but the most significant event my country has ever organized in our recent memory.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Our people who made an irreversible choice for democracy in 1990 are now undergoing the next stage of democratic development. It is about how to improve the quality of democracy, how to make our democratic institutions effective and serving genuine interests of the citizens, how to fight such social evils as corruption, and how to provide opportunities and access, how to institutionalize direct democracy.

Therefore, our proceedings and the presence of so many dignitaries, prominent leaders and activists will leave ever-lasting imprints and will produce a fundamental impact upon the thinking of the people.

The Mongolian people are proud that our Chairmanship of the Community for the last 2 years has significantly improved the performance and the focus of this unique international coalition of the democratic countries.

Our Presidency is leaving a lasting legacy that is full of accomplishments and successes. President Elbegdorj will detail what we have achieved and what we can do in the years to come.