Member of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia


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2013/ 8/ 28

S57A6436The Minister of Foreign Affairs and parliamentarian L.Bold Thursday  visited 12th and 13thadministrative units in the city’s Khan-Uul district to meet residents of Tuul and “Bio kombinat” villages.

He introduced to his electorate great construction, running in the district, and actions of the spring session of parliament, them discussed with them some urgent problems. Apart of Mr Bold, at the meeting were also administrative officials of these khoroos and the city authorities.

A head of the City’s Autoroad Department D.Nanzaddorj informed them that a new 22.5 km road between the “Chingis Khaan” international airport and the “Bio kombinat” village will be put into use this October.

At a request of the villages’ people, the city gave money to secondary schools in remote khoroos to buy school buses, same vehicles will be given to the “Bio kombinat”‘s school.

Sounded during the meeting problems will be conveyed to officials of all levels for the solution, the Minister said. He also considered as necessity to deal with a problem of land privatization.

The FM also informed the people that a state-run chemical and biological products factory at the “Bio combinat” will undergo a significant renovation soon. “About it I exchanged views with L.K.Zayats, the Belarus Minister of Agriculture within the official visit of the Belarus PM to our country,” he said.