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Foreign Minister visits Japan

2013/ 7/ 28

b639fbae8945f8d0376a8e5b71d22158_LThe Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Bold visited July 20-24 Aichi and Oita prefectures of Japan, the biggest economic and industrial regions in the world.

Beginning the visit, the Minister watched the Nagoya basho (July tournament) of the professional sumo wrestling, and granted a souvenir Sword of Mongolian Soldier to the basho’s winner the Mongolian “Hakuho” M.Davaajargal, the State Honored Sportsman and 26-time champion of the highest division.

After this the FM was invited to a reception by Honorary Consul of Mongolia to Aichi Mr T.Ando. Present there were some 30 people, including Mr Hideaki Omura, the prefecture’s governor. The  Minister granted the “Polar Star” Order to a surgeon Mr H.Otsuka who had performed surgeries for Mongolians for 17 years, and to Mr F.Kawaguchi, an advisor to the Chubu Electric Power Company and the surgeries financier.

The Foreign Minister and the Governor of Aichi agreed to collaborate in augmenting a number of Mongolian students and trainees in Japan, in developing the trade, investments and cultural ties and in opening direct flights between Mongolia and Aichi prefecture. Mr F.Kawaguchi said the company is ready to buy coal if the transit transportation matter is solved, and to sell small- and middle-sized airplanes to Mongolia. Mr Kawaguchi also informed the FM that the University of Nagoya will open its branch in Ulaanbaatar.

In Oita Prefecture on July 22-24, the Foreign Minister held meetings with Mr Katsusada Hirose, a Governor of Oita; Mr K.Kondo, a head of the Citizens’ Assembly of the Prefecture and the “Oita”  Association for Relations with Mongolia; and Mr H.Kameyama. The sides exchanged views on expanding the relations and collaboration.

Noting that Oita prefecture has been developing long-year relations and cooperation with Mongolia, the Japanese side expressed a willingness to continue these ties in economic sector.

Oita Prefecture has been collaborating with Mongolia since 1985, it launched a movement called “One village–One Product” in 2002.

At the meeting between Mr D.Jargalsaikhan, a Governor of Bayankhongor aimag, and Mr K.Kameyama, a head of the Oita-Bayankhongor friendship group, the Japanese promised to render a support for activating the friendship group’s activities.

In the course of the visit, the FM also got au fait with a process of the election of the parliamentary upper house, and then met Mr Isozaki, a senior advisor to the incumbent Premier Shinzo Abe, who got a victory in this election. The Minister congratulated Mr Isozaki on the victory of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in the election, and introduced to him an initiative of Mongolia on holding the Ulaanbaatar Talks regarding Mongolia’s policy and activities in Northeast Asia, including the security issues of the region.

In addition, the Minister legged the Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University in Kokonoe village in Oita, and met Mr Korenaga Shun, the president of the university as well as Mongolian students.

The Foreign Minister got acquainted with a thermal power station in Oita and met Mr H.Fukushima, the president of the Oita Association for Energy Producers and director of the “Oita Gas” company. The sides shared views on developing the cooperation in the energy sphere.