Member of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia


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FM meets William Burns

2013/ 4/ 29

0d7764695c55c5d1c3edadce4a2a2cb9_LThe Foreign Minister L.Bold received a delegation led by Mr William Burns, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State on April 28.
L.Bold thanked the USA for a support given to Mongolia from the very beginning of the democratic transition, confirmed that the Mongolians consider the USA as their Third neighbor, and expressed a full confidence that the Mongolia-the USA relations and cooperation will develop for the sake of the two nations.

 He said that the last years’ high level mutual visits have elevated the ties into a newer level and cooperation and appreciated the two sides’ efforts to realize the outcome of these visits. He noted that the Government of Mongolia has done much to implement successfully the first compact agreement of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and added that this document has played its  important role in strengthening of the economic and trade cooperation between our countries.


In response, Mr Burns recalled how he visited Mongolia some 20 years accompanying James Baker, the former Secretary of State, and said he is glad to see that Mongolia has become a model of the democracy not only in its region but also in the world.


On behalf of the USA Mr Burns expressed a gratitude to Mongolia for successfully presiding the largest in the world organization of the democratic countries and for hosting the Ministerial conference, and said it is a pleasure to cooperate with Mongolia in strengthening the democracy throughout the world.


He also noted that the ties between our countries deepened in a short time after the diplomatic relationship was established and that there are many opportunities to expand more the ties.

Mr Burns said it is important to run next consultative meeting between the Foreign ministries in Washington this autumn and expressed confidence that he will receive officially the FM of Mongolia.