Member of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia


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Closing remarks by Minister L.Bold at WEF Strategic Dialogue on Future of Mongolia

2013/ 9/ 18

Your Excellency President Elbegdorj,

Professor Schwab,

Distinguished Guests,

It is an honor to make the closing remarks at what has been Mongolia’s very first opportunity to host a large-scale World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting here in Ulaan Baatar.

You have come, many for the first time, from great distances to learn what our country can offer you and the world. We have discussed varying scenarios about our future and I thank you sincerely for being part of this very important time in our nation’s history. We look to you as true partners in creating a brighter future for yourselves and for all Mongolians.

We have gathered here with a single purpose – to demonstrate that Mongolia is Open for Business. As a relatively young democracy, we will go through some growing pains. You have likely read about these in the media. This is only natural in any nation-state’s path to democratic growth. As we grow at near consecutive double-digit yearly rates, our aim is to diversify our economic growth beyond just a mining boom so that all Mongolians – and you our partners, reap the economic, social and ecological benefits in a sustainable long-term path.

This vibrant, homegrown democracy is built on rule of law, protects human rights, freedom and property rights and holds the government accountable to the people. One of the greatest strengths of this young democracy is that we clearly see obstacles and challenges ahead, and as a nation; we bravely face these challenges.

That has been the case since our ancestors declared independence from the Qing Dynasty in 1911 with a population of only 600,000.  That has been the case when my colleagues declared a hunger strike for liberty and freedom for this nation against communist rulers in 1990. As a nomadic people, we’ve always been risk-takers and achieved unimagined success from scratch.

The main difference between then and now is that now Mongolia has you as partners. Imagine how much more we can accomplish.

We are taking actions to put the economy on stable footing and announcing changes to our investment laws that make it easier for you to take part a shared growth.

As members of the WEF community, you have joined us to discuss possible scenarios for our growth and to entertain the possibility of becoming close partners in that journey. Our nomadic heritage teaches us that regardless of what nature brings, despite whatever scenarios we must face, if we face these challenges as true partners in a community, we will succeed.

Mongolia is Open for Business and welcomes you to join us in that journey. Tell you friends and colleagues – Mongolia is Open for Business.

Thank you.